How it works

How Task Me! works

Spotz Task Me! has been created to support women and mothers in getting help, and finding work. How does it work? Simple...

Need a job done?

Have a service to offer?

Looking for work?

How Spotz Task Me! works


It doesn’t cost  a cent to join. There are no subscription fees or packages with hidden costs. Simply sign up and post a job or look for a job.

We wanted to keep things simple, so there is a 13.5% commission fee (plus bank fees) that only applies when someone pays you for your services. We want you to thrive and prosper, so our commission fees are competitive and fair (eg Airtasker charges 20%).

Check out our category list here to see the range of categories available to post a service in (or find a job in). We ask that you read our Terms of Use to see the types of services you cannot post.

Once you post a job it will be on the platform for people to make a proposal to you to complete it. People can also get email alerts for categories they are interested in so make sure your job is in the relevant categories to reach the right people for the job.

Once you have chosen a successful applicant and agreed on a price you will be asked to make a payment that is placed into escrow (in a secure holding until the job is complete). When the job is completed, you release this payment to the applicant.

Visit the job page and there is a button that says “Submit a Proposal”. You will need to be logged in to place a bid, but the process is quick and easy. 

You will get an email if you are successful.

Oce you have completed the job, contact the person who posted the job and let them know. They will release the funds into your account, and then you simply go there and “request a withdrawal” in the Finances tab in your Account Dashboard.

You will need to have a PayPal account set up for us to pay you. You can do this in your Account Dashboard / Account Settings. There is a field there for your PayPal account email.

You can report a job using the “report” button on the job detail page. You can also contact us anytime with a report or feedback using the contact form here.

Still have questions?

Need help posting a job or setting up your profile? We are here to help!